Dreams & Nightmares: The Street Life Pt.3

Posted by Carrington Caul on June 19, 2014 at 12:25 AM

NayQuan sat in the meeting room in the chair at the head of the table. He looked down at the other twelve chairs, six on each side of the table. They were all filled at with his lieutenants of the streets. This was their weekly meeting to let NayQuan know how business was going for his organization. NayQuan was one of the biggest drug dealer and supplier across the east coast. Actually the whole United States, NayQuan sat back flashing back to how he had started his empire with his two best friends Tyreke and Nate when they were just young teenagers. But NayQuan was determined from the first time he touched a pack as a youth. He knew what he was capable of with hard work and dedication even if nobody else believed in him or took him serious.



Tyreke and Nate said on both sides of NayQuan the whole room dressed in all black and everyone wearing a large gold ring with a medium sized diamond sitting in the middle of the ring. The ring was a symbolism for the respect that they had earned from NayQuan he rewarded his team with the jewelry after he had locked up his deal with the Columbians that would give him the best deal that he could have imagined for. Everyone on NayQuan’s team was eating, they were hungry young up and coming stars. Everyone respected NayQuan he was a fair, equal and fun dude to be around. He threw cookouts and parties for the neighborhoods periodically, he sponsored the rec teams sports uniforms and equipment he always showed up to the games and he always taught the young boys that they need to stay in school and go on to be doctors and lawyers. NayQuan himself had a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Communications. He paid for his school out of his own pocket as he still dealt drugs. He was taking trips to South Carolina twice a month with Tyreke and Nathan to meet his connect and get work. He never took the same car, always either a rental that he had one of his old heads in the neighborhood rent or one of his female friends car.



But tonight, there was business to be dealt, NayQuan knew he held all the power in the city and that the streets couldn’t do nothing unless he approved it. Except there was a new crew coming up from out Raleigh. They were called the R3 which stood for Rough Raleigh Riderz. Their leader was a female named Areva. Areva was a five-foot-seven inch beauty. Dominican, Jamaican, and African she had smooth caramel skin with thick long curly jet black hair that hung down past her shoulders. She had low eyes that made her look high a lot but it also added to the exoticness of her look, she had big breast for her small frame, and thick hips, thighs, and a round plump ass. Areva was every man’s dream but her tongue and attitude also made her every man’s worst nightmare. Areva was a competitive person growing up around a military father and four brothers. She had to defend herself and learn not to be too soft. Areva was from Georgia, her family had relocated to North Carolina when she was a young child because of her father’s Job for IBM. Areva got into the idea of street life after watching movies like Scarface, Paid in Full and such. She always knew she could be a hustler she could sell chicken tenders to a chicken.



Areva only weakness was she didn’t like being told no, and she was very impatient. If she wanted something she had to have it and it had to be the way she wanted. So when she suggested that she brought cocaine from NayQuan at a lower price, and giving a lower percentage back but allowing him to be a part of Raleigh she felt it was disrespected when NayQuan laughed in her face and told her he owned all of NC and that she was lucky he was allowing her to eat what she was eating. NayQuan knew Areva was making a name for herself and she was making a lot of money. She was getting her work from some Columbian from up north in New York. NayQuan had heard about Areva impatience and dislike of being told no which is why he wasn’t that shocked that Areva had made an attempt on his life. He was more so shocked that she would place her name behind the hit but he just chalked it up to her not believing that she would miss on the hit and wanted him to know who was behind his death before sending him on his way.



“Alright let’s listen up so we can hurry up and get out of here.” Nate said from NayQuan left hand side wearing a black Versace shirt with black jeans.



“Yeah, first off let’s welcome back Nasty Nate he did his time like a real G, and that should show y’all that we don’t do that snitching and copping plea deals. Keep your mouth quiet and good things happen for you.” NayQuan said as the room gave a round of applause for Nate being back home.



A lot of people in the room didn’t believe that Nate would ever see daylight again. He had been arrested for Murder, and six counts of possession of an Illegal Substance with the Intent to Distribute, along with the State Prosecution having an eye-witness to the whole event some people definitely thought the end of Nate reign was over. Which is why a lot of NayQuan’s workers were working harder than usual. They all wanted to step up and have that seat on the left of NayQuan. NayQuan knew this already which is why he didn’t tell no one outside of Tyreke that he had hired out of state shooters to come in and kill the witness and kidnap his son so that the family wouldn’t speak until the night before the next court date. He knew the state didn’t have a real case they just lucked up and had somebody there at the wrong time. NayQuan had the shooters show the witness his child in a boarded up abandoned house and told them he was forty-five seconds away from watching his child face being blown apart unless he told them if there was any more evidence besides him being there. He told them no, and they shot him right then and there. They dropped the child off at a local playground and gave him enough money to call the police and his family from a pay phone.



“But to on pressing matters, I’m sure most of you heard that Areva put a hit out on me and she had a unsuccessful attempt and if it wasn’t for Tyreke I probably wouldn’t be standing here right now.” NayQuan said nodding to his right hand man Tyreke.



“She will definitely have to deal with what she did but I’m telling y’all so that y’all are on alert. She couldn’t get to me so she might try and come for one of you next.” NayQuan said as he stood up.



“So is everyone numbers normal, anything alarming or anything that I need to know?” NayQuan asked his workers.



Swish, one of NayQuan workers who was also the youngest out of everyone raised his hand. Swish was a sixteen year old kid that NayQuan had known since he was six, NayQuan put him on when he was fifteen and lost his family in a car accident they were drinking and driving. They crashed, Swish damaged his knee but other than that he came out the accident fine besides losing both parents. Swish approached Quan one day and asked him could he be down and a year later he proved that he’s a hard worker and determined. NayQuan actually liked Swish more than all of his other workers. He was molding him to take over the streets when he eventually retired from the game.



“What’s the problem?” NayQuan asked as he sat down in his chair. Swish stood up, NayQuan always preached respect to his workers and that no one was better than the other so when one person spoke he stood and addressed the room and the rest of the room gives their undivided attention.



“Lil Crank got robbed yesterday, we’re not sure who it is that did it but word is that it’s some young boys from out north by the Boro.” Swish said.



“What’s your plan of action?” Tyreke said.



“I’m got my squad, we’re going around there in a few days. They’re probably expecting immediate retaliation.” Swish said looking at NayQuan, NayQuan had always told him to be two steps ahead of his opponent that way if he ever slips, he’s still one step ahead.



NayQuan nodded his head and Swish sat back down. “Alright, well if that’s everything turn your numbers in the pot on your way out.” He watched as everyone stood up and began making their way out of the room. Only NayQuan, Tyreke, Nathan, and Rocky remained. Rocky was NayQuan’s main shooter, if there was ever beef or anything that needed to be done Rocky was the one NayQuan called, those four had been friends since they were in diapers and grew up together ever since.



“So what’s the move for tonight, I heard Dragon’s is supposed to be popping.” Rocky said.



“Nah, I got my daughter for the weekend. I probably just get some movies and chill with her.” Tyreke said.



“What about y’all?” Rocky said.



“I don’t know, I’m not really in the mood for going out I think I might just chill.” Nate said.



“Shit, I might stop my head by to see what’s going on.” NayQuan said.



“Alright, I’ll pick you up around eleven-thirty.” NayQuan told Rocky before dapping everyone up and headed out the room. The rest followed him out.



A few hours later NayQuan was driving his 2013 Carolina blue hummer with blue rims and dark black tinted windows. Rocky was in the passenger seat rolling up three blunts he placed two into his pocket and fired the third one up. They pulled up to club dragons a few minutes later. Both NayQuan and Rocky grabbed their guns from underneath the seats NayQuan had a .45 caliber Winchester Magnum jet black with a rubber grip and extended clip. Rocky had a silver and wooden handled .45 ACP with a silencer on it.



They stepped out the truck and placed the gun in their jeans. Rocky was wearing army fatigue pants and a teal hustle gang sweater and the teal LeBron’s and a Miami Marlins fitted hat. NayQuan was wearing a black Wrkin Title beanie a black hoodie, and grey jeans. He was rocking his grey, black and white Jordan 11’s he sprayed himself with some cologne and pulled his hoodie over his beanie and made his way to the front of the club with Rocky, everyone wanted to speak, shake hands, or stop NayQuan and Rocky as they made their way to the front of the club. Once they reached the front they dapped the bouncer up and gave him two one hundred dollar bills to let them enter the club without being searched. Once he entered the club he could see that the club was jumping on this Friday night.


Rocky and NayQuan headed to their normal V.I.P booth and relaxed as they sat back and watched the rest of the club. The waitress came to them and asked what they would like to drink.



“Yeah, bring me three bottles of Ciroc two of them peach and I don’t care what the third one is. Also bring my boy her Quan some bottles of water.” Rocky said ordering for his himself and his friend.



Everyone knew that when NayQuan was out in public places like this he didn’t drink he liked to be alert in case anything went down he had to be prepared at all times. Rocky always believed he was a better killer if he was under the influence of anything he didn’t have to deal with his conscience. By time the waitress returned with their drinks Rocky had two girls on either side of him, there was another girl who was trying to get NayQuan’s attention but NayQuan was too busy on his phone checking something.



“Not enjoying yourself?” The waitress say to NayQuan he lifted his head from his phone and looked around the room and saw the waitress.



“This isn’t really my scene, I just didn’t feel like sitting in the house tonight.” NayQuan told her. Here’s your water Mr. Jackson.” She said passing one of the bottles of Deer Park waters to NayQuan.



“You know me huh?” NayQuan asked kind of surprised.



“Everybody knows you don’t they?” She asked as she smiled and turned and headed back out of the V.I.P. room they were sitting in. NayQuan watched her walk away for a few minutes before dropping his head back down to his phone. He was looking at monthly numbers from his car dealership.



He had to say, this had been another good month for him. He made upward of $400,000 this month alone from his cars. He only sold cars to people who could afford it, he set Swish up with a few used car dealerships so that he could get him some business and understand the difference between this legal money and drug money and that he could do a lot of things. The dealerships were in NayQuan’s name but only until Swish turned eighteen then they would be switched over to him.



NayQuan had to use the bathroom, he stood up and headed out of the booth and made his way towards the bathroom. He got in did his business, washed his hands and was heading back out the bathroom when he saw someone walk past him. He moved quickly and a few seconds later he had his hand on her elbow.



Ashleigh turned around and once again she was face to face with the dark skin brother she had met at the mall last week. She looked him over from head to toe once again he looked well dress, and cute enough that she wanted to lick him.



“What’s up Miss Lady, how are you doing?” NayQuan asked



She smiled at him, “I’m doing fine, how about yourself?” She asked.



“I’m doing ok, would have been doing great if you would have called me. But I understand.” He said looking her in the eyes. She now wished she would have called him. At first she decided against it, but a few days later she decided she would but she had lost the number and just figured it wasn’t meant to be.



“I lost your number.” She said, NayQuan wanted to believe her but he wasn’t sure. He looked behind her and saw a few of her home girls checking him out.



“I see you’re out with your friends so I don’t want to hold you up. But if you really want my number stop by my V.I.P booth, and I can give it to you. I got drinks as well.” NayQuan said as he turned and headed back to his V.I.P booth.



“Girl who was that you were talking to?” One of Ashleigh friends asked.



“His name is NayQuan Jackson, I met him last week at the mall when I was there with Patrice.” Ashleigh said.



“Girl, NayQuan Jackson, you mean the real NayQuan Jackson?” Her friend asked as her eyes perked up.



“Umm, who’s the real NayQuan Jackson and who’s the fake one?” Ashleigh asked with a smirk on her face. Her friends looked at her like she was crazy.



“Girl are you serious right now, you don’t know who NayQuan Jackson is?” her girls asked her.



“Should I know who he is?” she shot back.



“Yes, you should, everyone knows who NayQuan is, or Quan, or Q as his friends call him. He’s a millionaire. He’s only like twenty-three, twenty-four and he’s been a millionaire since he was about nineteen or twenty. He owns his own car dealerships and everybody knows him. That cookout we went to last summer at the city park when everybody was there that’s his. He does it every year, this is NayQuan’s city. What was he talking to you about?” Her friend asked.



Ashleigh was processing everything she was hearing right now, she didn’t know NayQuan was a millionaire she just thought he was a cute dude who could dress well and had something mysterious bout him that made you want to know him better. Money didn’t make her more interested him, but she didn’t know he was a big time dude like that.



“Nothing, he was just wondering why I hadn’t called or texted him since he gave me his number and he told me that he had a V.I.P booth and if we wanted we could come party with them” She said.



“And we’re still standing here talking why?” One of her other friends asked definitely trying to rope her a baller. She had a child and her baby’s father wasn’t doing nothing at all. She could use a come up.



“I don’t know guys, I just wanted to get a quick drink and then leave.” Ashleigh said.



“Girl you can get a quick drink…In V.I.P” she said and all her other girls chimed in and agreed.



“Alright fine.” She said and began leading her home girls to the V.I.P section. NayQuan was once again back on his phone with one of his feet up on the table drinking a bottle of water. NayQuan heard someone talking to the V.I.P security guy outside and lifted his head up and saw Ashleigh with her friends, he called out to the bouncer who turned to NayQuan after hearing his voice and saw NayQuan signal to let them in.



The girls slowly made their way in the booth. NayQuan pressed the alert button on the table to call one of the waitresses. After a few minutes the waitress appeared.



“Yes, Mr. Jackson?” she asked.



“Umm, bring these beautiful ladies whatever they want to drink and let me get some more bottles of water.” He said as she nodded and made her way back out the room.



A few moments later Nate, Swish, and two more guys from NayQuan’s crew showed up and dapped each other up and took their seat and began talking to the females.



Ashleigh made her way over to NayQuan and sat down beside him, he put his phone down.



“I’m glad that you could make it up here.” NayQuan told her. She smiled at him. “So, I know your name is Ashleigh, but that’s all I know. What do you do for a living, how old are you, are you from here?” He asked.



“Well, I’m fifth grade teacher, I’m twenty-two, and I’m from Augusta, Georgia but I’ve been here in North Carolina for a little while.” Ashleigh responded.



NayQuan spent the next hour or so talking about different things, they learned a lot about each other. They were discussing what they were doing for the weekend when there was a lot of commotion going on. NayQuan stood up. There was aruging going on downstairs at the main floor he saw something that caused his heart to drop into his stomach, an inferred light that was flashing lit up on Swish’s chest.



“GET DOWN!!” NayQuan screamed before jumping in front of Swish before he heard the gun go off. Multiple shots rang out in the club, NayQuan checked to see if Swish was okay and crawled over to Ashleigh to make sure she was fine, he heard guns going off all around him. He knew there were bodies hitting the ground by the amount of shots that were ringing out.



“QUAN GET UP, WE GOTTA GO!!” Rocky was screaming, NayQuan stood up, he saw that the waitress had been shot in the head and half her brains were lying beside her, and the bouncer had been shot multiple times in his torso.



“Alright, come on let me get y’all out of here.” NayQuan said leading Ashleigh and her friends out of the club to the front of the club, when they got to the front door their cars were already running and in front of the club. Thanks to Nate and Swish for thinking ahead. Outside that’s when Quan could see better.



“Ashleigh, why are you bleeding, are you shot?” NayQuan asked his voice was so serious that she felt it through her body. She checked herself, she had blood on her outfit in the front but she felt fine. She looked at NayQuan



“It’s not me.” She said looking at NayQuan’s stomach, he had three holes in his hoodie that were covered in blood. NayQuan had been shot in his stomach. NayQuan felt his body getting weak, he was falling Rocky caught him. We got to get him to the hospital he’s been shot. Rocky said to Nate and Swish, Rocky and Ashleigh hopped in the backseat with NayQuan, Nate was driving and Swish was in the passenger seat.



“Where’s the guns at?” Swish asked, collecting everyone’s guns and placing in a Wal-Mart bag. He placed the bag in the glove department and locked it and placed the key under the seat.



“How’s he doing back there.” Nate asked looking in the rearview mirror into the backseat.



“I can’t be sure, he’s losing a lot of blood.” Rocky said trying to put pressure on the wounds. Ashleigh got on her phone she called the hospital and told them she they were five minutes out and that NayQuan had been shot.



When they pulled up to the hospital the paramedics and nurses rushed out with a gurney placing NayQuan’s body on the gurney and checking his vitals and rushing him in.



“Y’all go do what y’all got to do, I’ll stay here with Quan” Rocky said as Nate and Swish drove off leaving Ashleigh and Rocky alone heading into the hospital.

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